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Urban exploration also known as UE or urbex is the exploration of man-made structures, usually abandoned ruins or rarely seen parts of the man-made environment.

Photography and historical interest and documentation are featured in the hobby and although it may sometimes to involve trespassing private property unknowingly by these urban explorers.

Is Urban Exploration dangerous?

Urbex has quite the reputation of being illegal—of requiring by definition trespassing. Urbex is most commonly understood as the exploration of parts of cities that no one visits, be it abandoned buildings, steam tunnels, subway systems, or even sewers (sewers are extremely dangerous!).
excerpt from www.wikitravel.org

What do you wear to urban exploring?


  1. Long Sleeve T-Shirt (Preferably Dry Fit)
  2. Durable Pants
  3. Gloves
  4. Wear tough boots
  5. A face mask or respirator is a good idea if there's a lot of dust or harmful chemicals

What is Urbex photography

Urban Exploration Photography (urbanex for short) is the art of finding old and abandoned buildings and locations, exploring them, and taking photos as you go. It's exciting, potentially dangerous, legally ambiguous, and a lot of fun.
excerpt from www.expertphotography.com

What is Urbexing

Urbexing is a photography genre which involves exploring and photographing abandoned buildings and areas. Photos are usually over processed in order to induce mystery, drama and abandonment in the viewer's mind.
excerpt from www.lightstalking.com


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